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of Capital Raising

Fundamental provides you with the insights, skills, and strategies you need to thrive.
Designed to empower individuals to excel in raising capital and managing funds effectively.


Learn How To…

What is a FUND & how do

Fund Managers MAKE MONEY?


“I’ve raised capital and partnered with several groups, but Zach and his team provide an unmatched level of investor marketing and communication strategy that has helped me grow my company exponentially.

I’ve raised over $15M+ in equity in 2023 alone, which wouldn’t have been possible without these guys.”

— Jeremy Dyer, Founder of Starting Point Capital

What We Offer


The Fundamental Membership


“The team at Fundamental are true professionals when it comes to raising capital and supporting fund managers.

The education and experience they can provide is truly invaluable.

I’ve raised capital on multiple deals with these guys and would recommend them to anyone.”

— Christine Hsu, Founder of Noblivest

Why Us?

Rob Kriske

Co-Founder & VP of
Fundamental raisers


Zach Haptonstall

Principal & Co-Founder


Bikran Sandhu

Principal & Co-Founder



“I worked with Zach, Bikran, and the team on my very first deal to raise capital as a fund manager, and I’ve now done over 15+ deals with them.

We started with no experience a couple of years ago and now have raised over $40M+ from investors.

These guys are experts in the field who have personally helped me with different marketing and capital raising strategies that have helped my company explode.”

— Brian Bowers, Founder of WB Capital

frequently asked questions

What type of capital raising templates are there?

We will provide you with underwriting models and spreadsheets, company overview presentations, investor deal launch emails, investor tracking sheets, soft-commitment forms, investor newsletter templates, and more.

Are there any guarantees or money back policies?

Fundamental members receive a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is there a customizable spreadsheet that can help me model returns that I can show my investors?

Yes, you will receive access to a proprietary fund-of-fund analytic which will help you identify the flex fund returns, manager compensation, and investor returns.

What is “Customized Brand Development”?

Our marketing team will act on your behalf to create your website, your logo, company overview deck, and recruit to get you podcast appearances. 

Who is the 1-on-1 coaching with and is it truly unlimited?

The Fundamental coaches are experienced, proven capital raisers who have participated in several deals as both fund managers and general partners.

They have partnered with Rise48 Equity on several deals and have each raised several millions of dollars from investors. Zach and Bikran do not participate in personal 1:1 coaching calls but lead the group Mastermind calls.

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