Importance of consistency in Social Media

Here are some tips touching on the importance of consistency in social media & on how you can elevate your content game! It can be overwhelming creating content but if you have the right gear, content creation will become much easier!

Tripod or Stabilizer: Keep your shots steady and professional-looking with a tripod or stabilizer. Stability is key to capturing engaging footage.

If you are just shooting content on your phone- an octobuddy is a great option, it sticks to the back of your phone case and allows you to stick your phone to any surface which is great while traveling / while on the go.

A travel tripod that works with your phone or camera is another fantastic option. 

Microphone: Crisp audio is just as important as sharp visuals. Invest in a quality microphone to ensure your message comes across clearly. You can get microphones that connect to both your phone & camera!

Lighting: Good lighting can make all the difference in the quality of your videos. Something as simple as this portable light will elevate your look on close up shots.

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