Short form video content

A well-crafted video can grab the attention from your audience, educate them, and motivate them to take action.

Video content has been proven to be very effective when it comes to engagement and conversions. In the world of short-form videos, editing is your key to success.

In today’s fast paced digital environment, people tend to have shorter attention spans. Short videos, typically ranging from a few seconds to 1 minute, tend to align well with the time people are willing to invest. The algorithm also recognizes this and will favor shorter videos, giving you a better chance of your video trending/going viral.

Considering you only have a little amount of time to grab their attention, it is important that you include creative transitions, trending sounds, pop up captions, and maintain a consistent brand theme to stand out. Our favorite editing app is CapCut, the free version has all you need & has amazing features that allow you to incorporate some of our favorite things: sound effects, AI generated captions, video transitions, & the ability to add B-roll Layover videos.

It is important to provide visual variety in your video, and if you feel that you don’t have enough content to work with, we highly recommend signing up for a video stock membership to diversify your videos!  By adding in B-roll, your video will be aesthetically pleasing, keep the audience engaged, add a professional feel, & be able to tell more of a compelling story.  We use Pexels (the free version) & Motion Array (the paid version) to get our B-roll videos. We download the original version and then add them as an overlay in our videos within CapCut.

Short form videos on different social media platforms